Walker and Christie both hired high-powered defense attorneys.

Scott Walker

Walker Paid $650,000 For Defense Lawyers During A John Doe Probe With $200,000 Going Towards “Compliance Issues”. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “In an earlier John Doe probe, Walker’s campaign paid nearly $650,000 for lawyers representing the governor and his campaign committee. Nearly $200,000 went to Michael Best & Friedrich for so called ‘compliance issues’ related to that investigation. The campaign retained Biskupic, a former Michael Best lawyer who has since left the firm, shortly before the 2010 general election.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/1/14]

Chris Christie

Christie Hired Law Firm At $650 An Hour To Defend His Administration Over Bridge Scandal. According to Bloomberg News, “Christie’s administration hired Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP to represent it before the Legislature and U.S. Attorney’s Office. The law firm will be paid $650 an hour for attorney ‘timekeepers,’ according to a Jan. 29 letter by Gibson Dunn attorney Randy Mastro to the state attorney general’s office. ‘Given the status of our client as a government entity, this rate reflects a more than 40 percent discount off my hourly rate and a more than 20 percent discount off the average hourly rate for attorneys in our New York office,’ Mastro wrote.” [Bloomberg News, 1/31/14]